National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification

National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification

The National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification course was designed to help ensure our most vulnerable community members remained safe and healthy during the pandemic. Now, as COVID-19 infection numbers continue to fall in the United States, we are glad the need for this course is coming to an end.
We will no longer be accepting new registrations for the National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification course. If you have already purchased seats, you have until August 7, 2021 to use them. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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❀️ Words of Encouragement from Fellow Caregivers πŸ’ͺ

"Caregivers, we are all rock stars!"
Deddeh C.
"Thanks to all the caregivers providing help to those who need assistance during this very challenging time! Thank you for your courage, and commitment!"
"Sending Thanks and Respect To All Health Care and Caregivers Around The World...❀️❀️❀️"
Sharon T.
"Thank you for the care and love you give to your patients at this hard time. God bless you all πŸ™β€οΈ"
Irma R.
"Thank you for all you are doing during this pandemic. You are my heroes #WeAreEssentialToo"
"Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."
Shana S.
"Professional Caregivers are the front of the front line workers. I am so proud to be part of caregiving and protecting the most vulnerable of our community, the elderly. Thanks for all you do caregivers! You are awesome!"
Lisa F.
"The courageous compassion we share now is setting a precedence for care to come. The collaboration of healthcare workers and doctors is a national focus on well being for all; One patient/client, one shift at a time."
Gigi M.
"Caregivers, you are great people who normally go an extra mile even when things seem not right. Keep the spirit."
Eunice W.
"Caregivers are an essential piece of the puzzle for many of the seniors we serve to age in place with dignity. As a property manager, we appreciate all you do in assisting the residents with maintaining the apartments so they are decent, safe and sanitary. Thank you!"
Sonya G.
"Your importance as a caregiver is needed now more than ever! You are the last defense for your client against viruses and bacteria so know everyday of thorough cleaning, sanitation, and health practices gives your client one more day of comfort and safety!"
Trevor M.
"I want to thank all the caregivers who are working very hard to keep our residents safe. Although sometimes we are unappreciated... please don't stop doing what you do β€β€β€β€πŸŒ»πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒΌ I respect you and appreciate you all."
Rhona F.
"You are not alone, we are all together in this, thank you for all you do ❀️."
"To all keep in prayer and be strong πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™"
Marcelo S.
"Your amazing people doing amazing work with never a complaint. God Bless all first responders, caregivers and keep you all safe."
"You are all important β€œangels” in our seniors' lives. You all have hearts of gold, and think of others first before yourself. We recognize and applaud you for the work and care that you provide for your clients. Your compassion, loyalty, and dedication is noticed. Thank you."
Angela G.
"You guys got this! Soon enough I will start workin as a caregiver myself. You guys are inspiring me to complete my NextStep course by staying positive and not giving up through hard times. Keep up the good work!"
Naomi T.
"Thanks for being there."
Paul J.
"This is a really busy time for all health caregivers and nurses and doctors. We all just really have to stay safe by wearing our gloves mask and gowns if necessary. We all need to send a special thanks to everyone at hospital and nursing home."
Nicky D.
"Thank You! We all appreciate every thing that you are doing to help!"
Allison L.
"To all caregivers: We not only have to keep our families safe, but we have to keep our elders safe. To the families of our extended mothers & fathers... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"
Sabrina A.
"At this moment lets keep your hands clean, stay your distance and be kind to one another. 😌 Be blessed."
Melissa B.
"Stay safe and thank you for all you do"
"I look at it as very rewarding to be able to help wherever I can as long as I make sure that I too stay healthy. We can do this together! Keep the faith!"
Carla G.
"Stay strong and safe. God Bless you all!"
Debra C.
"Thank you for what your doing πŸ€—"
"To all caregivers stay safe out there!"
Shari L.
"You are chosen, not everyone can DO what You do everyday, every week, every year, with compassion, giving hope to your clients, and supplying an ever increasing need that grows bigger every year! Never forget who gave you your gifts, YOU ARE CHOSEN!"
Sharon P.
"Hugs to all! ❀️ Thank you for all that you are doing. My cheers and prayers are all up high for us all! Keep safe and be healthy ❀️"
Janice I.
"To all the caregivers... and all those on the front lines helping others to battle this we appreciate you and thank you for all your hard dedicated work. No one is alone in this."
"Shout out to all Nurses, Doctors, CNAs, custodial staff, First responders: Paramedics, EMTs, Firemen, Police Officers, and caregivers. You are on the front lines, helping and being selfless everyday...THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! WE APPLAUD YOU! YOU ARE THE REAL SUPERHEROES IN THE WORLD!!!"
Jennifer S.
"Thank you for caring your love and compassion brings hope to the world."
Glory W.
"Self-care is my number one thing to do. Stay faithful and healthy because the people we care for [are] depending on us."
Frances P.

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NextStep is a state-approved CNA and long-term care worker Continuing Education (CE) provider. The online National COVID-Ready Caregiver Certification meets state requirements for 3 CNA CEU in 47 states including Florida, 3 long-term care worker CEU in Washington state, and for 3 Homecare and Personal Support Worker CEU toward Professional Development Certification safety or renewal as approved by the Oregon Home Care Commission.